UX School Project: Classified Ad Post Flow

A research study to understand more about the experiences of Kijiji sellers, and uncover their wants, needs and pain points when posting ads.



For this assignment completed for the UX introductions course, I worked on a fictional project for Kijiji. The ask was that Kijiji wanted to change the way users posted ads on their website, with the business goal of increasing the amount of users who successfully finish and post an ad. My task was to provide UX recommendations for improving create post experience. For this assignment, I was responsible for interviews, usability testing, personas and UX recommendations.


Empathizing with Users

The first step was to understand as much about Kijiji users to determine their wants, needs and pain points when posting ads.

The research plan included two parts: an interview portion to uncover their experiences posting ads online, and a task where the participants would be creating a new post while I observed. The key research questions were:

  • What were the participant’s experiences with selling online?
  • Did that impact their needs or expectations?
  • What platforms do users utilize when they are buying or selling items?
  • What needs and challenges do users have posting new ads on Kjiji? 

As part of the study, I conducted four moderated interviews with people aged 25-35 with mixed experience in selling online. 


  • Needs and expectations were different for first time or infrequent “rookie” sellers, versus the “veteren” power sellers
  • Barriers for occasional or new users are that they are often unsure how to price or describe their items and this prevents them from wanting to continue, or it’s seen as a hassle
  • Barriers for experienced “veteren” sellers is managing the volume of buyer requests and reducing flakey/spammy buyers or lowballing offers. Selling multiple items for a discount is preferred over much back-forth on individual items, or spending a lot of time posting similar things
  • Sellers frequently preferred using platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, as they believed the buyer-seller transparency helped reduce ghosting or spammy buyers.


Two user personas were developed after an affinity mapping exercise from the research. I found two major user groups emerged, one that was a “rookie” occasional seller, and one that was a “power-user” and sold online as supplemental income.

The first persona was based on the occasional seller.
The second persona was based on frequent sellers.

UX Recommendations

  • To increase the amount of verified buyers or sellers, Kijiji could investigate a rating system post-purchase
  • Consider using third-party sign in partners (eg. Google, Facebook) to increase buyer/seller transparency
  • Offer a quick-mode or start wizard for first-time sellers to familiarize themselves with the ad process
  • Offer suggestions such as average price, adding photos or description help for first-time sellers
  • Categories were confusing, for experienced and new sellers alike. Consider reducing the amount of categories or offering category suggestions from the item